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TAZ Tourz let me do my own thing - Harry Marmot

Frequent "Flyer" Awards
  • Tony Kell '93/'94/'95/'96/'97/'98
  • Annie Christopher '93/'94/'95/'96/'97/'98

TAZ helped us find trails for all our levels of experience. I could practice trials moves while my friends rode cross country. - Reid Rose '95 (now sponsored by SPOOKY CYCLES)

TAZ TourZ is fantastic! You get to see and do things that other people don't. It is also worry-free on whether you'll have a good time or not, it is guaranteed fun!!! - Shelley Hawkinson '97

TAZ TOURZ is awesome! We mountain biked across AZ, UT and CO and were able to ride some of the sweetest trails in the country. Thanks to TAZ, we got to bike little known singletrack with breathtaking vistas usually kept secret by the locals. It's like having a buddy in every town to show you all the sweet spots! TAZ also hooked us up with all the best bike shops along our route, so we didn't have to search very hard to find places to blow our money! - Chad Hawkinson '97

TAZ has a way of sniffing out great things to see and do. This is the way to learn what is great about the West.- Jill Nordbrock '93/'94

I'll definitely take another TAZ Tour. I can't believe all the places I never would have found on my own. - Jean McCormick '95/'97/'98

I'm back, I took another Tour! You can't go wrong with TAZ. See you next year! - Jean McCormick '95/'97/'98

I had never backpacked before, but TAZ started me off right. I just became a U.S. citizen and took a TAZ Tour to celebrate. It really made me appreciate this great country of OURS! - Sally Sherifi '95

TAZ TourZ is a truly unique and adventurous way to experience the infinite variety of the American West. You won't be disappointed! - David F. '96/'97/'98

Best trip I ever took, I highly recommend TAZ - Linda Manes '95

TazTourZ are fun and educational. Hold on to your hat because it's an E-ticket ride! - C. Harlan '98

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